The mission of the Lake Arrowhead Community Services District (LACSD) is to provide exceptional water and wastewater services, as we protect our water resources and preserve our environment.

Our motto: Provide, Protect, Preserve


LACSD was formed in 1978 under Community Services District (CSD) law, Government Code section 61000 et seq., and is governed by a locally elected Board of Directors consisting of five board members. The District’s service area is unincorporated. CSD’s can provide a wide variety of public services. Currently, LACSD provides water and wastewater services to Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding communities. Map of LACSD Boundaries.

Our service area encompasses 15 square miles in the scenic San Bernardino Mountains with elevations ranging from 4,500 feet to over 6,000 feet. Because of the extreme topography, the District maintains multiple pressure zones. The service area is completely surrounded by United States Forest Service land and there is very little property available for future development.

The District serves high quality water to approximately 8,900 water connections in Arrowhead Woods, Deer Lodge Park and Rimforest. 92% of these connections are residences. Less than half are occupied full-time. Water facilities include two surface water treatment plants, two groundwater ion exchange treatment facilities, 23 water tanks, 6 pressure tanks, 19 pump stations, 125 miles of pipeline and 6 groundwater wells. This service area contains two separate water sheds that are connected via a tunnel built in 1907. The Bernina Water Treatment Plant is situated in between these two water sheds and can effectively move water between them.

LACSD also serves approximately 11,000 sewer connections to Arrowhead Woods and the surrounding communities. Wastewater facilities include two treatment plants, 21 lift stations with 18 standby generators, one recycled water facility and 200 miles of sewer lines.

Click here to watch a short video about our facilities http://www.lakearrowheadcsd.com/lacsd-you/


Our community is fortunate to have local sources of water supply and LACSD is dedicated to protecting these precious resources. We are doing this by developing additional sources to reduce withdrawals from the lake. We monitor the health of our water ways through water quality testing and ensure our sewer system is maintained properly to avoid sewer spills. For more information, refer to our Watershed Sanitary Survey .


At LACSD, we believe the scenic environment we serve needs to be preserved. Before we begin any capital improvements, we consider what impacts our activities may have on the environment. We are also trying to mitigate our energy use through alternative energy in the form of solar and a battery energy storage system at our treatment plant. We also participate in an electricity demand response program to help reduce the load during peak hours.

Click here to view our California Environmental Quality Act guidelines.