Recycled Water

LACSD provides recycled water to the Lake Arrowhead Country Club for golf course irrigation saving approximately 250 acre-feet per year for potable uses which helps to maintain the level of Lake Arrowhead.

In 2010, LACSD completed construction of a recycled water system using ultra-violet disinfection with a capacity of 3.75 million gallons per day. The project was partially funded through an Environmental Protection Agency grant. The facility is located at the Grass Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant where treated wastewater is processed to Title 22 Recycled Water standards and is pumped to the Lake Arrowhead County Club.

At the time, the State Water Quality Control Board’s Lahontan Region Basin Plan prohibited the use of recycled water at elevations above 3,200 feet. LACSD applied for an amendment in 2004 which was approved in 2007.
Lake Arrowhead Country Club Recycled Water Pond