Rates and Fees

Your monthly bill includes charges for the water you use and fixed monthly service fees. Most of our customers are charged for both water and sewer services on their monthly bill. Your rates will depend on the property location, the type of customer, the meter size and the amount of water you use.

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LACSD conducts a study of its rates and fees every five years at a minimum. To view the latest rate study, click here. 2022 Water and Sewer Rate Study Report

How Water Use Charges are Calculated

LACSD bills in increments of 100 cubic feet (CCF) which is equivalent to 748 gallons of water. Our water usage rates change based on how much water you use. In Arrowhead Woods, the first 4 CCFs are charged at the Tier 1 rate. Tier 2 rates are charged on units from 5 CCF through 13 CCF. Usage of 14 CCF to 30 CCF is charged at Tier 3 rates. Any usage over 31 CCFs is charged at the Tier 4 rate.

Any fixed water and/or sewer fees are added to the water use charges. Other charges may be applied for additional irrigation or fire protection meters.